Then & Now



I looked up from my take out container to see Lu over by the wall with her head down and her back to me.  This was the first time I had eaten food around her.  She was trembling and hunched over.

“Come her girl,” I said softly.  She kept her back to me and did not move.

I stood and walked towards her slowly.  She crouched lower and turned her head slightly, cutting her eyes up at me.  I stood looking down at her.  She did not want to make eye contact and continued looking down or away.

Going back to the food, I packaged it up and put it in the refrigerator.  She immediately relaxed and walked over with one of her big grins, as if nothing had happened.


I speared the chicken breast, and turned to place it on my plate.  I did not see Lulu sitting directly behind me, approximately 1/8th of an inch from the back of my legs.  She was completely focused on my food and made no effort to move out of the way.

I fell back, my feet still trapped on the other side of the little dog.  As I grabbed the counter to slow my fall, the chicken breast went flying. I sat down hard, wincing, and watched as Lulu pounced on the chicken, swallowed it whole, and proceeded to drag her nose past me, searching for any lost morsel on the floor.

For the first month I had her, she would always turn her back to me when I ate.  She would not make eye contact while I had food, and was terrified of any type of plates or utensils.

Now, she has got to be the WORST beggar, and she never has people food!  I am glad she is now comfortable enough to throw and throttle me for food, but sometimes I miss the respectful cowering – just a little.

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