First Night Home

First night in her new home….

Lulu ripped the leash from M’s hand, retrieved one of our neighbors, and shook him/her thoroughly before dropping the poor shocked creature proudly at M’s feet!

What the hell?!

What the hell?!

“Oh hell! She has killed a cat!” was all I heard from the office.

M is from just outside New York City, and a bit sheltered.

I am from the south, so “Play dead like a possum,” was often interwoven throughout conversations.  I’m still trying to remember the context, but there is probably a good reason I can’t.

Not a Cat

Not a Cat

“It is not a cat.  It is a possum, and it is playing dead,” I said, turning from the door.

“What?!  WASH HER NOW,” M said thundering past me.

“Did she roll on the possum?” I said.

“What?! No, but they touched!” M said irritably.

“I believe the possum has to actually bite her,” I said calmly.

Lu and I lost the argument.

I will never hunt again!

It was a gift!!

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