Lulu Heads Cross Country

Let's go...NOW!

Let’s go…NOW!

After six months in California, it was finally time for Lulu and I to head home.  I had decided to resign and head back to the east coast – with my Stockton, CA pit bull in tow.

I had tried to find Lu a home, but my efforts had declined over the past six months, finally ending in “No, you cannot have her.  She is going with me.”  She had become quite popular in the office, and several non-pit bull fans had even shown an interest in adopting the little dog.

My last day in the office began with Lulu receiving baskets of treats from everyone.  I began having visions of car induced vomiting, and had to cut off the dog crack.  Lulu was allowed to sniff each treat though, and the person giving it was assured Lulu loved it…even those giving flavorless rawhide.

When lunch rolled around, there was a pot luck theme, with every dish containing some type of meat or dog treat.  It was at this point, I realized I was playing back seat to the little dog.  I again had to limit the gluttony.

The lunch finale included a large chocolate cake with “We love you Lulu” spelled out in dog biscuits.  Apparently, there was just not enough room for my name.  Obviously, Lu was allowed none of the cake, but we did manage a biscuit or two once the chocolate was removed.

The rest of the afternoon was spent having photo ops…of Lulu of course – until we finally left amidst many hugs and even a few tears.  I think I even heard someone suggest “We should adopt another little pit bull for the office.”

I was not bothered one bit that my parting was forgotten, and only that of Lulu was celebrated.  I had watched this little dog transformed in six months, from a terrified, beaten, shy little animal, to a vivacious, socialized, happy little dog.  I had also watched a group divided and isolated come together as a team of engaged people, all focused  on the needs of one dog.  Over the course of those six months, they had not only changed their perception of her breed, but also their perceptions of each other.

Now it was time for Lu and I to head east, and home to her new life and more adventures.

Heading east...SHOTGUN!

Heading east…SHOTGUN!

6 thoughts on “Lulu Heads Cross Country

  1. I visited your blog to say thank you for checking out mine- (sweetbabyveg). But I should really be thanking you for sharing Lulu’s story. I have fallen in love with her! I live in England where several of my friends have ‘Staffies’ as they affectionately call their Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I think they are a similar breed to Lulu. I have always wanted one, but I have three elderly cats. I love them, they are cute, strong,adorable and very affectionate and gentle.But most of all I love them because in the dog books they are described as being renowned for their devotion, which is ‘legendary’,. I am going to follow you and yes, I admit it, it is because I am really following Lulu. So, yes, it is the office farewell party all over again!- Karen.

    • Lulu is definitely a “Staffie” and has brought a great deal of joy to my life – as I’m sure your cats do to yours. Thank you for the note, and for being a Lulu fan…:-)!

  2. Lol. I love, love your post. So your co-workers were more invested in Lulu than you. Forgive me for saying this, but you did a great job, and I am not surprised they acted that way. That happens many times. When my girlfriend, Cynthia, and I went to visit her family for a couple of days after our return what her family remembered most was our Alex, our 12 year old pit mix. That to me was a compliment and made them in my eyes very lovable. Anybody that shows affection and kindness to my Alex, and our foster dog, Bella, to me I end up liking. We wish you and Lulu a safe and uneventful trip back east.

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