Precious Princess Killed a Snake

Snake Wait 072714

The title on this blog is the text I got at work today – “Your precious princess killed a snake.”  All warm blooded mammals have been systematically removed from the yard, so I guess she is moving on to the cold blooded ones.

Lulu had of course been separated from the snake carcass, so I arrived home to find her eagerly waiting next to the plastic bag at the back door.  I was charged with removing the snake.

I opened the door, and Lulu flew across the yard, literally diving into the carcass as if she was sliding into home base.  I screamed no as she dropped and rolled on her kill, legs pinwheeling rapidly in pure bliss.  I raced forward, arriving just as she jumped up, grabbed the snake, and sprinted off through the grass.  I moaned and cursed, noting her newly washed fur dark with snake blood.  Shouldn’t the snake have been dead long enough for it’s blood to congeal?!

We played chase for about 15 minutes.  I could tell she was having great fun – leaping ahead, dropping and rolling, and then snatching up her snake to race away and repeat again.  I shamefully say I resorted to throwing rocks at her.  I had become desperate to get that nasty snake carcass away from my precious princess.

I finally flung myself down on a rock wall and just cursed at her.  I no longer cared what the neighbors thought.  I had seen them peeking through bushes as I ran screaming around the yard, hurling obscenities at my little dog.  They were fairly used to it at this point, although I’m sure they still considered it great entertainment.

Finally, I was rescued by a poor unsuspecting carpenter bee.  It flew just over Lulu’s head, and she flung the snake carcass aside as she launched 35 pounds of muscle four feet into the air.  The chase was on, and I now found myself laughing out loud as the bee zigzagged across the yard while my small white pit bull slung herself from side to side in pursuit.  Thank god she was so reactive.

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