I’ve not blogged in forever – mostly because work has kicked my 30 plus gained pound fanny, and downtime is spent zoning out on some story or TV mind release.  Around this all, I’ve of course been wrapped up in Lucy’s world.

Today I decided to just write.  It’s relaxing, and I need to relax.

I’ve gained about 35 pounds in a year – and two weeks ago when I sat slogging through more TV, slouched on the sofa with my rolls compressed, and Lulu staring at me in frustration, I decided to make a shift.

I logged onto my iPad – kept near the tv – and searched for diet food shipped to me.  Limited time required something simple with little thought – alas “BistroMD.”

This past week of starvation via small cartons of “balanced” food has resulted in four less pounds and zero energy.  The diet says not to add exercise initially – no issue.

Today though, Lucy got her long weekend hike.  Racing to me, laying on my feet as I tried to slide on shorts, and twirling in bone breaking pit bull circles, we prepared to head out.  I asked her to sit while I went through the door first (my only moment of feigned dominance) she tremble and hunched down as adrenaline coursed through her dense muscle.  It was time to WALK!

As long as it is above 30 I hike in shorts.  Below 30 might result in frostbite, so with khaki shorts, two thermal shirts, a down jacket, wool hat and gloves, we headed out – the pit and her mentally challenged owner.  Seriously – no hiking pants fit me.  I’m fat and my ego refuses to buy another size up, so I punish myself with chafed legs and the new Bistro regime

It was cold this morning, and Lulu circled me frantically in her efforts not to pass the pack leader, as taught.  I really would rather her pull than constantly wrap my legs in her leash – at least initially.  The wrapping is typically only a few minutes while excess energy is burned.  There are exceptions.

We did five miles, down chilly wet squirrel infested streets.  Lu bolted, and then circled, repeatedly.  I now have chafe and several leash burns.

Back home, she got her biscuit, and I had two bites of lentils, beef and veggies.  I think hers had more calories, but then she has much less body fat.

Tonight is my night off – one night every seven days.  Monday morning is the big first week weigh in.  I’m expecting big results, and only have 15 more weeks to go!

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