Lucy Run! So, so cold – brrrrr

The last week or so has seen some brutally cold weather for this early in the winter season.  Lulu has started every morning optimistic, eagerly awaiting her morning outing at the patio door.


Let’s move it!  I have to be back in before you start eating!

These have been very short lived excursions.  Lu has walked to the edge of the patio, to monitor the dismal surroundings.

end of patio 2018


Found a spot in the arctic tundra to take care of things.

Waiting to go out 2018

Where are the squirrels?

…and then quickly realized it was still cold as crap!

OMG its cold




It has not been a good two weeks for a dog with very little body fat, and almost no hair, and because of this, my house has turned into a war zone, there being just too much energy to keep cooped up.  There are deer antlers, torn toys and kongs EVERYWHERE.  Thank goodness she is a good dog, and is not interested in anything other than her own toys.

On a positive note, it was a good diet week.  I lost another pound to end at 10.5 pounds, and that was after being tested with my trip to Columbus, OH, where I left a 45 degree day (FINALLY), to end up in another blizzard (Damn).  I also work in operations, with mostly men, so my choice for lunch each day was Tim Horton’s, Wendy’s, and the Waffle House.  It was a tough choice, but I ended up just closely watching calories and picking through all the “stuff.”  I hate salads, so I’m a little challenged.  My downfall was the grits at Waffle House.  They were floating in butter.  I only had two bites, but I think that threw my stomach into a spiral, and after two weeks of cleansing, my stomach made me pay.  I spent most of the afternoon and night nauseous, and hiding in a bathroom with a door that would not lock.

This week’s goal is 2 pounds for me, and less frostbite for Lulu.  We miss our weekend walks, but the asphalt is just too cold, and it will be a cold day in hell (or CT), before Lucy Lulu puts hoity toity boots on her paws!

7 thoughts on “Lucy Run! So, so cold – brrrrr

  1. Oh what a lovely post! Well, not good in terms of the snow and your diet issues. But your photos really illustrate the story of poor Lucy Lulu’s despair and confusion at being surrounded by all that freezing cold white stuff!
    She is adorable! I read in a dog book once about Staffies that their devotion is legendary. Amazing 😀❤️️

    • I’ve raised dogs all my life, but never this breed. She has a fierce personality, and is one of the proudest dogs I ‘ve ever had. After her I’ll probably never own anything but a Staffie. Thanks for your thoughts…🙂

      • I hate it that they have a reputation for being aggressive when it is only that they have been trained to be so by bad people. I think it could be hard to rescue a Staffie for that reason. It is the only dog I would want if I could ever give up on having cats. But I know I could not be boss or ‘top dog’ so it would all go wrong…..🙃

      • It is unfortunate. My mom loved cats, so I grew up with them. Of all the dogs I have owned, her aloof, “do as I please” attitude, is probably closest to a cats. She is wonderful, but you are right about one thing, I do have to consistently assert the “pecking order” to maintain her respect. She has a mind of her own! 😁

  2. It’s cold here, too, but no snow. I wish we had a little bit, but i’m okay with not getting snowed in.

    You’re doing great on your weight loss plan! Well done on looking for healthy choices no matter where you were.That’s the key to long-term success!

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